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It's Time for you to

Apply Your Sovereign Power

The Importance of Doing Your Own Energy Healing

Divine Law of Permission

Divine Law states that nothing can be present in your energy without your permission.

You have more of a right to clear invasive energies and blocks out of YOUR energy than an outside healer does.

When YOU affirm to clear your energy, it's more effective.


Your energy is yours, it belongs to you.

If you give your energy direction, it will respond instantly.

All you need is a *language* to do so.

The Language of Energy.

Spiritual Safety

I have witnessed many healers who mean well, but they are doing more harm then good for their clients.

It's always safer to do your own energy work than it is to outsource it.

There is a spiritual war taking place now, you need to know how to repair your energy regularly.

Because your energy is under attack almost daily.

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